Production Supervision and Online Operation System Software

Production Supervision and Online Operation System Software



In China, group enterprises are developing faster and faster, and they are developing gradually towards the directions of conglomeration, diversification, and cross-region and cross-model investment operation. Groups should implement their management upgrade, break the development bottlenecks and reach a higher level relying on their management control. However, they meet a lot of problems in this process. The power generation sector is no exception. In recent years, new energy has developed very rapidly, the traditional thermal power generation has been facing environment protection pressure and the energy prices have been fluctuating greatly. All the power generation groups are strengthening their business and management control. Most of them make their management control more normative, timelier, more comprehensive and more precise by leveraging information technology.

“Management control” originates from the widespread management of group-level enterprises with many branches. It emphasizes the control over the key points in the management. Relying on a series of management control design including organizations, systems, responsibilities, rights and procedures, it ensures that the business activities of the managed enterprises such as the production, operation, investment and financing are regularly carried out under the guidance of the overall strategy of the group and are controlled to enhance the executive ability of the enterprise and reduce the corporate operation risks. The “production supervision and online operation” of the power generation enterprise, as a part of the management control system, takes the production operation (production, fuel, and environment protection) and operation management (marketing and finance) as its main business part and the key supervision points. The upper level unit can timely grasp the production status and operation risks of the company and lower level units by establishing organizations, responsibilities, rights, procedures and platforms, and then the upper level unit can provide auxiliary analyses and strategic guides for the lower level units. The production supervision and online operation system is built on the basis of the fusion of all the business information (on the basis of the data center). Taking information technology as the carrier, it makes the management control of the production operation more efficient, timelier and more normative. It timely reflects the completion progress and quality of the key performance indicators (KPI) by means of information technology in the production operation process of the enterprise, timely finds the production operation risks, gives early warnings, changes the post-event management to the management of events under progress, and replaces the result analysis with the process control.


The solution is used by the management, decision-making and supervision level of the large power generation enterprise. It provides professional management control, auxiliary decision making analyses and some other application functions.

The formation of the solution is due to the following two driving forces: 1. the strategic management control of the group units — strengthening the “two promotions” and better supporting the 3-level management control strategy of China Guodian Corporation; 2. the group strategy of informationalization — implementing the 2016-2020 Planning for further Information Technology Application of the group and supporting the overall management control requirements (supporting the visible operation performance, well-controlled strategic resources, full coverage of the grass-roots unit operation and the duplicable business of the same kind).

The design thinking originates from the IT management control system customized to adapt to the enterprise development strategy by China Guodian Corporation (a group enterprise with subordinate units such as the thermal power generation plants, wind power generation plants, hydroelectric power plants and photovoltaic power plants), i.e. a five-in-one information technology application management system including production management control, operation management control, environment protection management control, development management control and risk management control;


Production management control: It focuses on the real-time monitoring of the production and operation status of all the subordinate enterprises (thermal, hydro, wind, photovoltaic power plants), tracking of key events, online analyses on the completion of the plans such as the key production indicators, and giving early warnings;

Operation management control: It focuses on the main operation performance supervision of the enterprise, real-time power generation cost calculation according to the quantity-cost-profit model, corporate daily and monthly profit prediction, and the analyses on the key factors affecting enterprise profits;

Environment protection management control: It focuses on the real-time emission, real-time desulfurization and denitrification equipment operation, power plant assessment up to par, and environment protection revenue management control according to GB 13223-2011 along with the national environment requirements;

Development management control: It focuses on the enterprise development and the real-time tracking and monitoring of the project construction, investment process, financing and various plan indicators;

Risk management control mainly refers to the overall management control and closed-loop management of all potential risk points in the corporate production, construction and operation.

Overall Construction Framework

As the BI analysis system of large power generation enterprise, the system is built on an integrated platform, implementing the 2016-2020 Planning for further Information Technology Application (GD1153 for short) of China Guodian Corporation.


GD: shortened form of China Guodian Corporation.

“1” refers to an integrated platform: infrastructure, data exchange, data center and data presentation;

“1” refers to unified management control applications, mainly including production supervision and online operation applications here;

“5” refers to the five major business sectors: power generation, coal, science and technology, finance and logistics;

“3” refers to the three major guarantee systems: management system, technology system and security system.

Infrastructure: the trend of the cloud application in infrastructure

It manages the original infrastructure layer including the host, storage, networks and other IT resources in a virtual and pooled manner, and provides elastic services for the internal departments of the enterprise;

Data Exchange: Acquiring the management data of business department and real-time data of power plant

Based on the data exchange standard of the electric power industry (IEC 61968), it acquires real-time data of all the business departments and subordinate power plants through standardized ports and saves them in the data center;

Data Center: Implementing the fusion of management data and real-time data through the data center

Based on the electric power industry standard (IEC CIM 61970), it designs the data warehouse model, and implements the fusion of the management data and the real-time data in the data center. The data center stores three types of databases: relational database, real-time database and NOSQL (based on distributed architecture) database;

Unified Management Control Applications: Implementing production supervision and online operation analyses

Based on the data center, it builds cross-department, cross-business and cross-sector advanced application analyses. The production supervision and online operation includes the following core business: production management control, operation management control, environment protection management control, development management control and risk management control;

Information Presentation: Enterprise portal display and mobile applications

The core presentation contents of the system are uniformly inserted into the unified enterprise portal and single sign-on mechanism is implemented with unified identity verification. Based on different presentation channels, it supports the presentation of the mobile version.

Functional Framework

The production supervision and online operation system, as the core management system of a large power generation enterprise, includes the production supervision, online operation, fuel supervision, environment protection supervision, marketing, benchmarking management, risk supervision, etc.

Core Capacity


Application of the Internet of Things (IOT):

The data acquisition and exchange gateways are uniformly deployed in the third level power plants, second level units and the group side. Real-time production process data of the power plants (generator sets or fans) can be acquired and the horizontal cross-department sharing of management data can be implemented. Longitudinal data connection is realized through data acquisition gateways of the second level units and the group.


The structured data (the main data, power generation assessment indicators, management reports, financial transactions, etc. of generator sets), unstructured data (approval documents, plans, monitoring video, technical data, etc.) and real-time data (from DCS\SIS systems) of power generation enterprises can be integrated through the integrated platform, and data can be fused through standard model of the data center.


The risks of power generation supervision, life cycle and condition-based maintenance of electric power assets and equipment, cost curves of thermal power enterprise, electric quantity balance assessment of wind power enterprise, etc. can be predicted through the business analysis model of the electric power industry, based on the electric power big data, while combining the big data technology platform and the big data mining.

Customers’ Benefits

Enhance the intensive management level of the power generation enterprise, make the enterprise management more effective, timelier, more comprehensive and more precise, lower the enterprise operation costs, assist enterprise in making offers and decisions and indirectly improve the enterprise operation performance through the construction and implementation of the system software;

Change the operation and management philosophy of the power generation enterprise, establish a scientific operation concept with IT application in the management, and further improve the level in superincumbent  IT management control and rationality of operation decision making of the entire enterprise;

The system is a horizontally cross-department interdisciplinary analytical system in the power generation enterprise. It is built on the data center. To avoid information resource segmentation into traps and blocks, repeated construction, resource waste in the system construction process, the system integrates all the business data by using the existing integrated platform data warehouse, implements the horizontal business sharing and application of data, carries out the integrated services and management and lowers the IT investment costs.

Successful Cases

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(2013-2014) The Safety Production Statistics and Analysis Management Control System of China Guodian Corporation


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