Omni-Channel Data Integration and Operation Platform

Omni-Channel Data Integration and Operation Platform


Against the backdrop of new retail, data has become an important production factor for enterprises. By building the Omni-Channel Platform for customers, iSoftStone integrated and analyzed transaction data, customer behavior and other relevant information gathered from all online and offline channels to provide data for customer insight and precise marketing; the platform was also connected with backend systems, which enables the systems like ERP and CRM to carry out specific tasks.


Core Advantages

Comprehensive and deep understanding of traditional enterprises

Following up the latest and advanced concepts

Compact and fast-upgrading scrum method for implementation

Customer Benefits

The integrated analysis of data from all channels helps the company achieve fine operation, optimize product strategy and users experience, enhance efficiency and lower costs. Fully realize the value of data and improve the core competitiveness of enterprises.

Successful Cases

A traditional leading enterprise of kitchen appliance who has been exploring domestic market for over 30 years, accumulated vast but dispersed sales data. Based on the company’s channels and current systems, iSoftStone customized the Omni-Channel Platform for phased development to link the data from all channels, gradually promote the connection between departments, realize the integration of several systems and improve the company’s internal and coordinating efficiency with dealers.

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