Corporate Digital Transformation Consultation

Corporate Digital Transformation Consultation


Taking into consideration the overall long-term development strategy, and the status quo as well as relevant internal and external conditions of enterprises, iSoftStone provides, regarding the demands and pain points of customers, professional consultation services for digital transformation, formulates corresponding solutions and produce relevant demand documents for development, so as to promote both the efficiency of corporate internal management and operation and the experience of external end users.

Functional Framework:



Core Advantages:

15 years of experiences in retail and FMCG industry

Long-term strategic partnership with IDC

International views and team

Customer Benefits:

One-to-one consultation of digital transformation, customized solutions with better suitability and feasibility so as to improve corporate benefits in the real sense.

Successful Cases:

Under the wave of mobile internet, a certain globally renowned direct-selling enterprise took a rather bad hit and was faced with pressures from mobile e-commerce using social software and overseas purchasing agents. Through comprehensive investigation and analysis, and upon full understanding of the company’s long-term strategic objectives, core internal and external advantages as well as its status quo and external environment, iSoftStone customized relevant strategies respectively for the company’s external promotion personnel and internal digital transformation, together with a series of solutions, and provided relevant system development and operation, which effectively promoted the market share of the company in China and its fast growth of sales.



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