One-stop E-commerce Solution

One-stop E-commerce Solution


To help more clients in retail and consumable industries to achieve digital transformation and upgrade with high efficiency and low costs, iSoftStone through the years built a one-stop e-commerce solution, Zhenpin E-commerce which is centered on transaction orders and uses microkernel to adapt to all types of business modes while integrating product development, customized service and operational service. Focusing on key points like website setting, member operation, product management, payment and marketing, this product helps clients in retail and consumable industries to build their e-commerce platforms more easily and promote transaction upgrade in an all-round manner.


Core Advantages

Deep thinking and understanding about clients’ overall marketing strategy

Using microkernel adaptive to different business modes

Quick construction and highly customized

Local deployment with data maintained and operated internally

Customer Benefits

The building of self-owned e-commerce platform enriches the channels to reach customers, effectively promotes the brand image and widens the channels for product presentation and sales. Meanwhile, the online offline interaction is enhanced to improve users’ digital experiences.

Successful Cases

As the partner of a certain famous jewelry retailer and manufacturer in Asia, iSoftStone, based on the characteristics of the jewelry industry as well as the company’s complete sales procedures, developed a self-owned e-commerce platform based on Wechat, which breaks the limits on time and space for customers to buy jewelry and realizes cross-channel and cross-screen purchase at any time anywhere. Meanwhile, considering its marketing and user operation strategy, iSoftStone customized a series of marketing functions for the company. Various online campaigns met the psychological needs of the “Generation Z” for fun and novelty, strengthened the interactions with customers and improved brand viscosity.


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