Upgrade of Online and Offline Digital Experience

Upgrade of Online and Offline Digital Experience

Core Advantages

Integrating design, development and operation;

Utilizing advanced technologies like IOT, big data and AI;

Rich experiences in relevant project implementation including Adobe Digital Marketing, Digital Asset Management and Content Management Platform


Customer Benefits

In the era of new retail when demographic dividends are replaced by customer-centric services, making more connections with customers through online and offline channels and keeping constant interaction with them in a more intelligent, simpler and funnier manner can improve user experience and bring constant economic benefits.

Successful Cases

With the deepening of globalization and the accelerated process of national Belt and Road strategy, more and more Chinese enterprises go global through cooperations in order to search for new growth points in the global market. To present brand and product in a faster and better way and make them understood and accepted by more overseas customers, extensive advertisement marketing is no longer effective. iSoftStone provided a complete digital solution for a certain famous traditional enterprise of home appliance including brand image, presentation of product information, customer winning, interaction and retention, as well as internal data asset management (DAM) to help with its upgrade of global strategy.

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