Digital Technology Empowers New Finance and iSoftStone Creates New Service Ecology

Recently, the 2021 IT Market Annual Conference and OCID Eco-Partners Conference was held in Beijing. As the annual top event with the longest history in China's IT industry, this event, with the theme of "Robust Industry Supply Leading Innovative Development", gathered experts and industry representatives in the IT field to analyze the latest hot spots in the industry and jointly promote innovation and development of the industry.Che Zhongliang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone), was invited and delivered a keynote speech entitled "Digital Technology Empowers New Finance and Creates a New Service Ecology". 


During the conference,TW Liu, Chairman & CEO of iSoftStone, was honored as 2020-2021 New-Generation Information Technology Leader. iSoftStone Cloud-linked Finance Supply Chain Financial Platform was rewarded Outstanding Innovative Products of Digital Transformation 2020-2021, and iSoftStone BOC-Samsung Life Data Platform was rewarded the Outstanding Case of Digital Transformation 2020-2021. 



Now, the wave of digitalization is profoundly affecting economic and social activities. First, digital technology is remarkably changing the production and lifestyle of human beings; second, the digitalization process of various social industries has stepped into a new stage. According to Che Zhongliang, regardless of the 14th Five-Year Plan or the macro-policy framework, all competent authorities, from government departments to major state-owned banks, the characteristics and direction of "new finance" are constantly evolving around the perceptive of industrial finance, inclusive financing, green finance, and technological innovation finance. And strategic measures are proposed by focusing on the technological attributes, inclusive attributes and shared attributes of new finance. Challenged by such a new context of "new finance and new technology", we have to create a brand-new financial ecology in the shortest time. 

Therefore, iSoftStone backed by its industry experience accumulated in serving the vast majority of domestic leading banks, insurance companies and other customers, internally integrates internal resources to build a new mechanism of financial technology services - iSoftStone JK, and externally cooperates with leading professional manufacturers in the industry, to build a strategic partner ecosystem, and create a new financial technology ecosystem facing the future for the whole financial industry. It strives to provide deeper and broader strategic services for customers from the dimensions of software & digital technology services and digital operation services. 


The "Supply Chain Financial Platform" that was rewarded with the "Outstanding Innovative Products of Digital Transformation" is a product customized to solve the financing problems of micro, small and medium-sized enterprises under the framework of industrial finance and inclusive finance. This product is jointly developed by iSoftStone and Beijing Cloud Link Jinhui Digital Technology Co., Ltd. Featuring inclusiveness, openness, high efficiency and security, the system has been applied to jointly develop and build a new generation of supply chain financial cloud platform. Further, it has adopted advanced concepts and brand-new technologies such as cloud-native, SaaS, open-ended, to create a whole-process operation system of e-account opening, transfer and financing through innovative e-account vouchers. 

The "Data Middle-end" system that was rewarded the "Outstanding Case of Digital Transformation" is an insurance data center jointly developed by iSoftStone and BOC-Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd. This is an enterprise-level business capability and data management service platform which is planned and built by comprehensively applying the new generation technologies such as big data and AI, and is to establish a unified and perfect data governance system for enterprises. On one hand, this system improves the governance and application ability in data assets, supports the standardization and agile R&D of different digital applications, and realize data-driven refined management and operation. On the other hand, this system standardizes and upgrades the construction mode of digital applications, strengthens the system architecture design capability, and innovate the R&D technology system and management system, which avoids the inefficiencies that occurred in the traditional technical system such as stove-piped development and data island, and thus realizes the flexible and rapid adaptation of innovative R&D of operation and management under the digitalization process. 

As the governments put greater efforts into the establishment of new infrastructures such as 5G, cloud computing and supercomputing centers, the financial IT system architecture has been upgraded into a new stage. Therefore, financial institutions become increasingly demanding for comprehensive capabilities of technology service providers under such background. The industry is desiring service entities that have large-scale and high-quality delivery capacity and that can match financial institutions to realize digital transformation in ecological conservation, regional layout and cross-industry collaborative innovation. As an enabler in the digital industry, iSoftStone will join hands with eco-partners to continuously innovate to meet a new ecosystem drawn by new technologies and new finance.

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