iSoftStone Signs a Contract as the Core Service Provider of Huawei RPA for a New Era of Intelligence

On May 17, 2021, Huawei China Ecological Conference 2021 (ECO 2021) was held in Shenzhen Futian Convention and Exhibition Center with the theme of "get together and make progress".As an important strategic partner in Huawei ecology, iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) attended this event with a number of innovative technologies, industrial applications and excellent cases. In particular, after long-term accumulation and precipitation, iSoftStone has shown strong strength in its professional depth & coverage and industrial application in RPA field. Therefore, Huawei and iSoftStone jointly signed a contract then, marking that iSoftStone officially became the core service provider of Huawei RPA. Zhou Wei, Director of GTS Industry Partner Construction and Management Department of Huawei, Yang Yonggen, Product Director of Huawei RPA, Liu Huifu, CTO of iSoftStone, Wang Xiaoliang, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, Xiang Pianpian, Senior Vice President of iSoftStone, and Xie Rui, Vice President of iSoftStone attended the signing ceremony. 


Zhou Wei, Director of GTS Industry Partner Construction and Management Department of Huawei, signed a contract with Xie Rui, Vice President of iSoftStone 

"Intelligentization is an important trend in the digital transformation of enterprises, and an important point for helping enterprises accelerate the transformation and upgrading. With super-automation, data intelligence and scene intelligence, enterprises are speeding up the intelligent transformation of products and services, thereby enabling more productivity to be released." said Xie Rui, Vice President of iSoftStone at the signing ceremony, "Based on Cloud Native and AI technology of Huawei Cloud, and combined with own business pattern and service capabilities, iSoftStone has developed a proven RPA business solution in collaboration with Huawei RPA product We Automate, which has been promoted and applied in related industries on a large scale" 



       Empower enterprise intelligent transformation based on Huawei RPA platform

In recent years, digital transformation, digital economy, AI, and new-generation digital technology has seen rapid development and a great investment. Among them, RPA, as a subdivision field, has been favored by many enterprises, and are thereby expected to boost enterprise intelligent transformation. The data of Gartner and China Academy of Telecommunication Research of MIIT shows that the global RPA business is growing at a rate of 60%. However, the solution to the strategic trend of enterprise intelligence and the barrier of the enterprise-scale scene needs professional service empowerment. 

As the leading brand in the RPA field, Huawei affectionately calls RPA a "digital employee". Taking Huawei itself as an example, the RPA deployed in Huawei is equivalent to 8,000+ digital employees and is applied in various business divisions such as production, manufacturing, finance, HR, retail and auditing. In addition, Huawei RPA products have been applied in digital government, transportation, finance, manufacturing and other industries. At this point, the Huawei RPA platform has become a well-acknowledged leader in its field. 

As the pioneer in RPA practice, iSoftStone, based on the Huawei AI+RPA platform, implements the "intelligent triangle" strategy of "super-automation + data intelligence + scene intelligence" to promote the ecological integration of internal and external services of enterprises, thus accelerating the intelligent transformation of enterprises and institutions. To support its R&D and application of AI and RPA, iSoftStone has established the AI Research and Innovation Center (AIC), which is expected to undertake the applied research and industrialization development of cutting-edge technologies such as natural language understanding, mapping knowledge domain, multi-round dialogue, intelligent Q&A, intelligent inference, self-learning and data analysis, and provide important support for the company's AI service system. Additionally, referring to a large number of practical demonstrations in the early stage, iSoftStone as a major contributor, has published the RPA Intelligent Robot. By sharing its successful experiences, iSoftStone intends to guide more enterprises to innovate and practice in the "AI+RPA" application scene. 

Signing as a "Huawei RPA Core Service Provider", iSoftStone fully demonstrates its technical strength and market influence in the RPA field. Based on Huawei RPA, iSoftStone now has cooperated with Huawei in a series of major projects to jointly empower industries and fields such as automobile, real estate, robotics and property insurance, and help enterprises with their intelligent transformation.


iSoftStone's technological application and practice: be the first customer for a new self-developed product. 

iSoftStone agrees with the point that "be the first customer for a new self-developed product" as Huawei once advocated. Supported by its RPA technology, iSoftStone has taken the lead in applying it internally to improve process efficiency, optimize process quality, realize data value and reconstruct employee experience. It is reported that with the large-scale use of RPA products, iSoftStone handles 2 million documents annually, and the overall business efficiency has increased by nearly 6.5 times, saving at least RMB8.8 million per year. This realizes the improvement of process efficiency, the optimization of process quality and the restructuring of data value. 

RPA intelligent solution of iSoftStone has gradually implemented by enterprise customers in various industries while the internal application has achieved good results. At present, iSoftStone has applied RPA robot technology to its various process scenes, such as RPA robots developed by iSoftStone, such as "iSoftStone e-taxation, Tax e-process, iSoftStone e-finance, iSoftStone e-busincess, iSoftStone e-service", which have been used in different fields and positions in all sectors and become the high-quality digital labor force of enterprises, helping enterprises to improve quality and efficiency. 

Take the intelligent application project of employees' overtime meal reimbursement of an enterprise as an example. It is impossible to check all reimbursement documents manually due to the huge amount, resulting in numerous abnormal documents. Through the introduction of iSoftStone RPA intelligent scenario solution, "digital employees" verified more than 180,000 abnormal documents in one year, saving the enterprise nearly RMB3 million, which is a remarkable results.

As the most core and firm strategic partner of Huawei, iSoftStone is fully based on Huawei RPA+AI+ low code platform, and is committed to empowering more customers in various industries and fields and creating more value for the intelligent transformation and upgrading of enterprises. In the future, iSoftStone will continue to make value innovations through technological innovation and contribute to Huawei RPA ecology, realizing the purpose of technological empowerment and progressing in industry digitalization.

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