iSoftStone Attends 2021 Fall Digital Transformation Summit, Boosting Digital Transformation of the Manufacturing Industry

The “5th Anniversary of Promotion Association & 2021 Fall Digital Transformation Conference” organized by Chengdu Enterprise Informatization Promotion Association (Sichuan CIO Club) was held successfully in Chengdu recently. iSoftStone Information Technology (Group) Co., Ltd. (iSoftStone) attended the conference via invitation. At the site of the event, Hu Chengfei, Director of iSoftStone Consulting Intelligent Manufacture Solution delivered a themed speech on “Digital Transformation of Enterprises”, and shared thinking and cases of iSoftStone in digital transformation of the domestic manufacturing industry with peers.


In the digital age, all industries cope with the development of the time, and start to actively usher in digital transformation. According to the data of TrendForce, the global market scale of intelligent manufacture in 2021 reached USD305 billion, and is expected to reach USD450 billion by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate of 10.5%. The golden five years for the manufacturing industry is around the corner.

To closely follow leading enterprises of the world and rapidly improve their technical level and international competitiveness, the digital transformation of Chinese enterprises is imperative. The digital transformation of the manufacturing industry, in simple words, is the integration of production, management and sales links of the traditional manufacturing industry with cloud computing, big data, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence, promoting digital transformation of R&D design, production processing, business management, and sales services, allow the manufacturing industry to realize the measurable business target, lower operating costs, create opportunity, increase new income and improve assets efficiency during the digital transformation process.


Hu said iSoftStone mainly emphasized following the overall objective of vertical, horizontal and end-to-end integration, and providing digital solutions for overall consulting, planning, implementation and operation from strategies to implementation to corporate clients. According to industrial practices, client concerns, and advanced technology, iSoftStone sorts out core capacities and key indexes, sets indexes and the target value of digital transformation, takes the lead to design specific action plans of digital transformation, outputs overall architectures including business architecture, information architecture, application architecture, and technical architecture, and carries out the detailed design for the digital transformation from foundation to decision-making software/hardware instrument cluster; formulates executable schedule and routes in combination with actual situations of the enterprise, and performs the idea of iSoftStone as a reliable partner for digital transformation.

In the fast-changing digital age, digital transformation is the only way for transformation and upgrading of China’s manufacturing industry. iSoftStone, as the leading China innovative software and IT services provider, has been aiming to improve client value with digital technology, provide end-to-end digital solutions and services to clients, and help manufacturers speed up restructuring and reform from levels of commerce, business, management and organization, and realize business transformation and innovative growth of the economy.

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