IT on-site support solutions for the telecom industry


In the face the rapid development of the software service outsourcing industry, more IT/Internet enterprises will subcontract non-core business/R&D to third-party outsourcing service companies, so as to save the cost and quickly respond to the demands of market users.


Industry application development and maintenance

This solution can provide construction, implementation and maintenance services based on mature software packages such as SAP, Oracle, Siebel and Microsoft Dynamics.

Customized software package service

This solution can customize, integrate and manage the ready-to-use software, to assist in our customers in achieving the business goals.

Mobile application and embedded development

This solution can design, build, and maintain customized development of mobile devices and embedded systems.

Development of telecom value-added applications

This solution can design and build value-added applications for mobile communication, and provide end-to-end development services.

Development of supply chain management applications

This solution can design, build and maintain customized application development, and optimize the business processes.

Enterprise application integration

This solution can effectively integrate the business process, and help enterprises to obtain, manage and develop data, thus supporting their business decisions.

Application life-cycle support

This solution can manage the full life circle of the application system, including proof of concept, basic model, application architecture, application development, test engineering, system integration, maintenance and upgrade.

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

This solution can make full use of SOA to reduce risks and increase business agility.

Quality assurance and test

This solution can provide comprehensive system defect detection, improve the test efficiency, and expand the coverage; plan, design, and implement the testing strategies for various applications, and provide test cases for black-box test, white-box test, and system failure point tracking.

Performance advantages

Based on excellent project management, process, working methods and tools, we intend to provide complete development and operation & maintenance services for our customers. We will strictly follow the 6sigma standard to implement the whole development process, and make use of CMMI5 process to improve the methods; in addition, we will maintain close communication with the customers, to ensure the completion of all the key processes.

Our application development and maintenance services combine IT and business demands, and can help the users to lower the overall cost, reduce operational risks, reduce system failures, maintain system stability, and effectively manage the planning, design and construction of facilities, thus providing low-cost and high-quality services for the customers.

Based on the industry experience and technical expertise in the IT field, we can help our customers to establish dedicated development, testing, and technical support teams in a short period of time; we will provide 24/7 on-site technical services.

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