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Telecom operators, as communication service organizations regarding fixed-line telephones, mobile phones and Internet access, are inborn big data enterprises with massive data volume (Volume); true, real-time, and stable data flow (Velocity); complex and diverse data types (Variety); and huge data value (Value). The operators, as data channels of the entire Internet industry, have accumulated extensive and profound data, beyond the reach of other companies and mobile Internet companies. As driven by industry development and affected by competition, major operators urgently expect to seek new profit growth points, improve operating efficiency, reduce operating costs, and improve service levels. In this context, one of the best paths is to make full use of their advantages involving big data.

Based on the richness, completeness, and continuity of big data resources of telecom operators, and full understanding of the industry resources and market demands, iSoftStone Operator Big Data Platform makes use of the most advanced technologies about big data, and builds an open SaaS big data platform, for fully exploring the value of data and assisting the operators’ decision-makers in grasping the business opportunities, expand the business scope, and perform efficient operation.


iSoftStone Operator Big Data Platform explores the characteristics and demands of customers, and builds a comprehensive user portrait system through collecting, integrating, and processing multi-source heterogeneous data with the self-developed ETL supporting tools, and through making use of the big data text analysis technology and accumulated industry mining model. The users can customize the required services based on business need, so as to provide data support for operations, services, and decisions. The overall plan is shown below:



Platform services:


Internal business improvement and operation optimization

Based on the analysis on user behaviors and data mining centered on consumers, the overall plan can support various kinds of data applications, including infrastructure construction and network operation management optimization, exploring of new business, implementing of precision marketing, optimizing of customer services, and providing support for enterprise operation decisions.

External data services

The operators can integrate data and generate result data sets through data mining, which can be supplied to corporate customers, so as to help the enterprises understand the users and improve the competitiveness, involving precision advertising, data reporting, precision marketing, capability opening and capability rental, etc.

Plan advantages

Security assurance

A four-in-one data security management system can be established from four aspects of planning, management, operation, and data. Following the principle of equal emphasis on network security and physical security, we will desensitize the sensitive data, to ensure data security and avoid data leakage.

Simple, smart and practical

Through constructing a 360-degree multi-level labeling system, we intend to portray the group and individual portraits and display them in a clear visualization method based on the function of meeting business requirements, and provide intelligent feedback on business results.

Customer benefits

Income increase

The performance of traditional communication and bandwidth services will be greatly improved

New business expansion

Through segmentation of the population, the personalized demands of users will be successfully explored

Service improvement

Through increasing the satisfaction and viscosity of customers, the user loss can be effectively prevented

Layout of hardware resources

It can provide data support for infrastructure construction

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