Software development service plan in telecom industry

Software development service plan in telecom industry


iSoftStone has been engaging in providing software R&D services for enterprises in the telecom industry, and also providing informatization construction and software solutions, so as to help the customers to establish an internal information management system and a unified information management platform.

It also intends to provide process services for the entire software development cycle, involving software outsourcing, software customization development, system maintenance, Internet technology application, and client software development.

As well as software services such as VoTLE network quality assurance platform, PCC strategy operation platform, video cloud platform, portal website, knowledge collaboration and big data analysis.


Software development based on technologies such as Java/PHP/C++/Android/iOS

It intends to provide proprietary business solutions for VoLTE signaling monitoring and analysis platform, PCC flow operation management and control platform, video cloud platform, and information portal.

Mobile Internet+ solution

It intends to provide corresponding customized development, application promotion services and solutions according to the enterprises’ demands for mobile Internet applications.

Software custom development service

It refers to the service for customized development of software products and application software that is provided according to customers demands of business applications.

IT infrastructure construction and research & development

According to the development strategies, business process and current information level of enterprises, this solution can be used to plan enterprise business architecture, IT architecture and software research & development.

Performance advantages

Technical advancement

The design mode of SOA can make the system more simple and convenient in combing the organizational structure, processing the work flow, and arranging user personnel.

APP and interface design

The senior product planning engineers can provide comprehensive mobile marketing schemes according to the demands of the customers. Professional APP and UI designers, with excellent art and operation interaction design capabilities, focus on user experience and try to design distinctive APP and interactive UI for customers.

Strong solution capability

The professional team of solution experts can comprehensively consider the status of internal and external resources during designing and planning, so as to achieve the display of the most realistic and cutting-edge scenes of the related businesses.

Cutting-edge interactive display technology

Based on the professional spirit of “technology creates value”, the company has been actively researching and exploring the industry-leading interactive display technologies, with the aim of making experience more “interactive” and “agile”.

Customer benefits

The virtualized infrastructure of the cloud computing platform can effectively allocate and integrate resources; reasonably allocate the computing and storage resources according to the application requirements, and optimize the efficiency ratio.

With the uniformly defined standard interface, the capability of multi-level integration of application systems (including data integration and capability integration) has been formed to provide more scientific and accurate data services for customers to make decisions, and maintain consistency, accuracy and completeness in the form of visual data chart through optimization analysis of system data.

VoLTE signaling monitoring and analysis platform can help the network experts to perform extraction and reproduction of VoLTE signaling process, KPI indicator analysis, business monitoring and anomaly analysis. It can directly deal with the concerned problems, and the clear network indicators of VoLTE can be used to establish a knowledge base and accumulate first-line experience for a 4G communication network for mobile customers in China.

PCC strategy operation platform can provide a visualized PCC panoramic view for PCC operation and management personnel, and enable them to view the deployment of PCC strategies throughout the network; in addition, it can improve the efficiency of inter-departmental communication among PCC operation and management personnel, realize electronic operation of PCC business processes, and get rid of the problems such as multiple sources of policy data and complex network configuration faced by PCC operation personnel.

Video cloud can help the customers to resolve the common key problems in network video applications, and enable them to experience the video technology support services at anytime and anywhere without purchasing basic hardware, developing professional software, or arranging technical personnel, thus realizing the full life cycle management of video elements from generation, collocation, video-on-demand, and live broadcast to distribution. Based on the public video cloud platform, the users can provide diversified video services to the outside world, avoid repeated investment of resources, and greatly shorten the launch cycle of various video applications.


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