Fixed Assets Solution for Japanese Enterprises

Fixed Assets Solution for Japanese Enterprises


As an important component of corporate assets, fixed assets together with business capital and intangible assets constitute corporate value. Fixed assets account for 20%-75% of the total value of corporate assets, depending on the industry. As an integral part of enterprise management, fixed assets feature high value, long service life and scattered use places, so it is not easy to ensure accounts, cards and objects agreeing with each other, which brings difficulties in the use, supervision, change, replacement, loss, inventory and cleaning of physical objects. However, this directly affects the data report statistics, asset structure analysis, asset evaluation and enterprise listing, reorganization, etc., and has important practical significance for the rapid development of enterprises.

According to the features of fixed assets management in and the actual needs of Japanese enterprises, iSoftStone takes the life cycle of fixed assets as the main management object, dynamically tracks all links in the life cycle of fixed assets to realize the value management of fixed assets. As a basic version, it can also be customized according to the different management features.

Functional architecture

The Solution mainly consists of eight modules:

Issuance of forms

Inquiry processing

Change processing

Evaluation criteria

Sharer processing

Correction settings

Bulk processing


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