Financial Solution for Japanese Enterprises

Financial Solution for Japanese Enterprises


In addition to the basic accounting, the function of supervision and management is also assigned to financial work in Japanese enterprises. However, the complicated daily work of finance consumes a lot of time of finance workers because of its heavy workload and high error rate, which makes them fall into the endless trivial work of filling in accounting vouchers, processing transactions, registering accounting books and so on, and thus cannot effectively exercise the management function. To this end, iSoftStone has put forward this solution which is in line with the ideas and methods of financial management in modern Japanese enterprises, helping them to establish financial information management systems by using advanced network technology, so as to achieve the goal of strengthening enterprise financial management.

iSoftStone’s Financial Solution is applicable to all kinds of enterprises, with advanced financial management ideas as the core. Its ubiquitous automatic processing and financial management functions strengthen the financial supervision ability of financial workers, improve the financial management level, and comprehensively reflect the operating conditions of enterprises, helping managers to make decisions quickly.

The Solution supports customer-defined development based on the basic version according to the customer's requirements, and reduces the development cost and development cycle.

Functional architecture

The Solution mainly consists of seven modules:

Common support

Budget draft

Budget control

Income management

Expenditure management

Approval cancellation management

Daily & monthly management

Annual management



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