Personnel Performance Evaluation Solution

Personnel Performance Evaluation Solution


With the deepening of globalization and the increasing of competition, it is an important problem for any enterprise to improve its operating efficiency. National policies continue to require the government, enterprises and institutions to strengthen and improve the overall performance appraisal system, and to improve the efficiency. The trend of enterprise management is towards humanism, holism, strategy and networking. Strengthening and highlighting the innovative ability of employees is an important means to promote the upgrading of enterprise competitiveness. Under this background, this solution provides enterprises with perfect means of employee performance evaluation and incentive management.

Functional architecture

The solution establishes an employee-centered efficiency management system, distinguishes the management and evaluation of things from people, and adopts modular design, which is convenient for enterprises to adopt all or part of functions according to actual needs and better integrate with existing resources.

It mainly consists of four modules:

Employee performance: Manage employee goals and evaluate the completion of tasks, i.e. the evaluation of things.

Employee evaluation: Evaluate employees' abilities, skills, personality, health, family and other aspects, i.e. the evaluation of people.

Employee motivation: On the basis of the existing evaluation, different means are used to strengthen and guide the indicators of employees (things and people).

Employee care: Maintain the work efficiency of employees, assist managers in management, and provide an early warning mechanism for staff productivity.



Powerful scalability

Product application: Scalable solutions are provided in each function point, with which various industry plug-ins can be integrated.

Reporting: Reports can be easily customized on the reporting platform. Report can be extended from different perspectives, and the scalability for each perspective can be user-defined.

Basic information platform: provide basic information settings and can also interface with existing in-house ERP systems.

Complete and secure sharing of information

This solution fundamentally reverses the disadvantage that information cannot be shared among relatively independent systems, and all information is maintained by specially-assigned persons. By establishing the authority for browsing, calling and modifying the information, the solution ensures that the corresponding sub-module information of the system can only be used correctly within the scope of authority, thus realizing the timely, accurate and safe display of information on the right interface.

Anytime, anywhere

The solution adopts a complete B/S structure, allowing users to log in to the system anytime and anywhere through the Internet, query enterprise human resources information, submit or approve applications, and complete other tasks. It also supports multiple people to operate the system and to access services at the same time, thus realizing the real mobile office.

Lower cost

As the time, space and number of people are broken, the transaction time is greatly reduced, which saves the direct cost and indirect cost of HR management, improves the competitiveness of human resource management and indirectly increases the benefits of the enterprise.

Higher quality

Computerized, networked and process-oriented working conditions and working methods help reduce the manual work of operators, reducing human factors of misoperation, reducing work errors, while providing more convenient and correct services, streamlining the business processes, and bettering the quality of HR management and the mentality of the staff.

Supporting role-oriented synergy management

It fully supports the strategic HR management triangle model, so that it truly helps improve HR management capabilities.

Customer value

The solution upholds the people-oriented management concept and improves the enterprise management system from the perspectives of objectives, tasks, resources and continuous improvement.

It helps to meet or limit the needs of employees as appropriate, so as to stimulate the needs, motives and desires of employees, fully tap the potential of employees, and thus promote the achievement of business development goals.

It adapts to the development trend of HR management, changes the traditional mode, and realizes collaborative processing of data and business processing through workflow and approval process, which makes HR management more in line with today's trend in social and economic development.

It establishes a standardized HR information database for conglomerate, realizes the dynamic inventory of personnel, and provides human analysis data for decision-making.

It establishes a planned HR management model based on strategic development, enabling enterprises to effectively achieve their strategic objectives.




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