IoT Platform Solution

IoT Platform Solution


The iSoftStone IoT Cloud Platform meets users' application, management and operation requirements for diverse, massive and heterogeneous equipment, and can be widely applied to manufacturing, logistics, urban governance, environmental protection, health, parks, etc., helping users extract data value of the IoT and realizing service appreciation.

The service includes equipment access, equipment mapping (virtual objects), virtual object management, data analysis and application support, etc.

iSoftStone IoT Platform adopts 5+1 loose coupling modular design on the whole:

The connectivity layer provides service support for direct device connectivity and cloud-to-cloud connectivity;

The equipment mapping layer specifies equipment identification, mapping, control instructions, etc. to realize loose coupling between the platform system and the actual equipment;

The application support layer provides basic functions of the platform and supports external business applications;

The API open layer provides capability-open services for specific applications;

The application layer is embodied in typical applications such as urban IOC, enterprise IoT applications, and mobile APPs.

IoT security includes functions such as authentication, classification definition, domain group security, and transparent recording of IoT devices, ensuring the overall security of IoT applications.



Easy connectivity and access

Comprehensive and fast device access services to help you quickly build smart products

Cloud nodes with global coverage ensuring no losing your connection

Platform architecture of high concurrency, high availability, with capabilities to process up to tens of millions of instructions per second

Adapt to multiple communication protocols and be compatible with mainstream chips/modules

Flexible and open architecture enables easy connection with third-party IoT platforms or business systems

Device-level authentication control, two-way data encryption, and end-to-end secure connection

Simple configuration and object virtualization

In three simple steps, the equipment can be extracted and mapped to the platform for management and control

Standardized and unified device description language

Unified instruction mapping service to realize seamless linkage between devices

The IFTTT task flow architecture is designed to realize the combined linkage between device and services and between device and device.

The virtual object maintained by the cloud is loosely coupled with the data model

Supporting free change and scaling of device attributes and functions

Massive data to create value

Data storage and big data analysis services to identify the deep value of data and help customers find new business growth points

Distributed storage architecture, trusted data exchange

Very high data compression ability and excellent query performance

Supporting customization of data sources

Rich chart and interactive analysis experience

Open and rich data APIs

Application development, so easy

Visual development framework, well-developed SDK and rich Restful API make APP development so easy

Massive and practical microservice modules

Visual drag-and-drop development, WYSIWYG

Generate-project of iOS, Android mobile applications

Rich Restful API

Complete iOS, Android, H5 SDK, and code examples

Efficient operation and simple management

Rich operation components and customizable data reporting system make equipment operation and management scientific, simple and efficient

Flexible deployment of private and public clouds

Rich operational support components

Flexible authority management and refined operational support

Seamless integration of external business system data

Personalized and full-dimensional data report customization

Customer value

iSoftStone’s IoT platform is suitable for multiple application scenarios and creates multi-dimensional value for customers.

Urban IoT: It provides a global visual monitoring tool and operational view for city managers. iSoftStone IoT platform breaks the isolation, heterogeneity and decentralized state among many vertical applications, realizes the unified management, strategic linkage, data sharing and business reuse of the city' s IoT devices, and improves urban governance/service/operation.

Facilities management of complex: iSoftStone facility management platform enables interoperability and efficient collaboration among personnel, equipment, energy efficiency, data and systems, completes the centralized visual management and sectional control of the complex's machinery and electrics, security, fire protection, lighting, operation and other facilities and intelligent subsystems, greatly improves the efficiency and capability of the complex, and reduces the labor costs and energy consumption.

IoT enablement for manufacturing enterprises: The platform helps an enterprise change from a product-oriented enterprise to a comprehensive service provider. iSoftStone provides enterprises with a complete set of solutions for IoT software, cloud platform and for big data services, turning products into services, data into value and bringing traditional enterprises new business logic.

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT): On the one hand, iSoftStone’s agile industrial IoT platform efficiently interconnects and integrates equipment, devices, instruments, robots and sensors on the production site, for cloud monitoring, energy management of equipment and whole-process monitoring of the production process, improving manufacturing efficiency and reducing energy consumption; on the other hand, it realizes the rapid networking of equipment scattered around the world, carries out remote control, monitors and tracks the working status of equipment in real time, provides customers with equipment remote operation and maintenance, equipment leasing, etc., and realizes the appreciation of products and services.

Intelligent logistics: iSoftStone collects parameters and data of vehicles, engines, intelligent terminals, oil consumption, cold chain, sensors, cameras in a real-time and comprehensive manner through a manageable IoT platform, supports vehicle digital management, driver behavior refinement management, visualized trunk line transportation management, cold chain logistics and Internet of Vehicles data, realizes interconnection and interworking of people (drivers/capacity owners/cargo owners), vehicles, goods, roads and clouds, and forms a high-efficiency and low-consumption integrated logistics system.


City managers: Unified management/ scenario editing of urban IoT equipment

Complex/Park/Community/Building: Operation management of equipment and facilities

Manufacturing enterprise: IoT enablement for production/products/after sales

Logistics enterprise: Intelligent transportation management/warehousing




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