All-round information platform supporter for smart manufacturing

All-round information platform supporter for smart manufacturing

iSoftStone is committed to, by using the information technology, helping the auto industry quickly respond to market change. It has all-round service capabilities in several fields such as R&D management, supply chain management, dealer management, and after-sales service management, etc. In particular, it has developed strong capabilities and accumulated rich experience in management consulting on auto R&D project as well as mobile auto internet. To date, iSoftStone has offered services for over 14 well-known automakers.

Overview of Auto Industry


As Chinese government strongly supports the IT projects, and vigorously promotes the "Internet +" model, the business model of auto industry has been gradually evolving towards IT integration, thus giving rise to extensive IT demands throughout the whole industrial chain of auto industry. iSoftStone, as a leading global IT service provider, had a keen insight into such a trend, and started to provide services to a famous automaker as early as 2007. In the auto industry, iSoftStone has, after years of experience, established a service system and its own service supply chain covering almost all the nodes of auto industry. To date, it has independently developed the ERP management system catering to automakers and, at the same time, built the key capabilities and accumulated rich experiences in mobile internet.

Products and Services

Relying on its years of technical background in service industry and strong insight into the market, iSoftStone has kept improving itself, and adopted the mindset featuring “convention plus innovation”. Based on the general and conventional object-oriented development platform technologies on the one hand, and the thriving big data and cloud computing technologies on the other hand, iSoftStone proposes the ERP management system solution tailor-made for auto industry. Such ERP management system solution comprises of nine systems including: ERP (enterprise resource planning), MES (manufacturing execution system), LES (logistics execution system), SRM (supplier relationship management), DMS (dealer management system), CRM (customer relationship management system), FMS (financial management system), and HR (human resources management system). Based on such solution, iSoftStone further enhances its capabilities and derives more excellent professional capabilities, such as PMO and Rollout services, in the field of management consulting services for auto industry, so as to create more value for customers.


Core Strengths

More than 10 years of rich service experience for auto industry.

Years of experience in the development, testing, operation, and maintenance of IT systems covering the whole industrial chain of auto industry.

iSoftStone's digital marketing platform, which is based on mobile internet, helps the customers improve their product service quality.

iSoftStone offers consulting (PMO) services for IT project management projects inside the automakers, helps them efficiently utilize the resources and rationally allocate the project funds, and provide professional project management guidance for related ongoing projects.

iSoftStone provides the Rollout consulting services for automakers, so as to help the dealers of auto brands launch relevant information management systems.

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