Automobile manufacturing solution

Automobile manufacturing solution


iSoftStone's automobile manufacturing solution is designed to: help the automakers set up unified information service centers as soon as possible; guide the manufacturing process with accurate information flow; provide the automakers with services covering the links from decision-making to execution, from sales to production, from planning to design, and from the automakers themselves to the upstream and downstream enterprises, and; guarantee the information sharing and improve the manufacturing efficiency.

With the help of iSoftStone's automobile manufacturing solution, the production plan is formulated according to the smart algorithms and production requirements, and then pushed to the links relating to manufacturing, procurement of auto parts, and supply of auto parts. In the meantime, such solution is able to ensure the real-time monitoring and feedback on key nodes such as production plan, marketing plan, calculation and release of auto parts orders, shipment and delivery by suppliers, and manufacturing process, thus improving the manufacturing efficiency and level.



Capability Advantages

Professional manufacturing scheduling and planning

In the light of actual production management scenarios of Chinese manufacturers, and the BOM and marketing plan of products, iSoftStone helps the manufacturers integrate the manufacturing and marketing of their products, and issue the purchase orders to guide and track the logistics process of suppliers.

Powerful integration capabilities

Through the integration interface provided by the system, it's able to realize the seamless integration with BOM, SAP, EPS, MES and other systems, thus creating a complete and smooth information flow for the manufacturers. It breaks the bottleneck relating to the monitoring of whole process covering the sales, procurement, scheduling, and inventory management.

Easy to use

To make efficient arrangement for the production plan, the production scheduler only needs to import the marketing plan and configure the system parameters. It's able to realize the visual management of actual production situation in the workshop, changes in customer orders, production capacity of the manufacturer, material supply capacity of suppliers, and logistics cycle.

Customer Benefits

Accurate demand forecasting to improve the competitiveness of enterprises

It adopts the smart algorithms to achieve accurate demand forecasting. It's able to track the order delivery process of suppliers, reduce the delivery cycle, improve the efficiency of order delivery, and avoid the stop and loss of production line due to deferred arrival of parts, thus ensuring the on-time delivery of products, shortening the production cycle, and improving the competitiveness of enterprises.

Realize the ideal utilization of resources and ensure the minimal occupation of funds

By means of the plan-driven mode, "resource idealization" order calculation method, "weekly delivery of remaining orders" distribution mode, and other new order calculation methods, it's able to realize precise enquiry, so as to cut down the inventory of parts, reduce the storehouse area, and minimize the occupation of funds.

Reduce the business costs and improve the work quality

By tracking and managing the order throughout its whole process, it's able to greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the labor and management costs. By eliminating the repetitive works in business processing, it's able to realize the standardization of business process. iSoftStone platform provides the data integration services, and prohibits the arbitrary business processing in a timely manner, thus reinforcing the foundation for business management, and further improving the work quality.

Adopt modern management methods to improve business management capabilities

Since the data processing is completed automatically by the system, the accuracy and timeliness are greatly improved, and the analysis methods become standardized and diversified, it's able to free the business management personnel from the cumbersome affairs, enable them to spend more time on digging into the problems existed in business process, improve the management process by adopting modern management methods, and promote the extensive application of modern management methods in enterprises.

Real-time update of business data helps enterprises make the right decisions

The decision-makers of enterprise can get real-time business data, and make decisions by utilizing the simulation functions of the smart platform.

Typical Customers

Automobile manufacturing enterprises

Other discrete manufacturing enterprises

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