Management information system solutions for auto industry

Management information system solutions for auto industry



Along with the constant development of information technology, the IT application in auto industry has been pushed forward steadily. Relying on its years of technical background in service industry and strong insight into the market, iSoftStone has kept improving itself, and adopted the mindset featuring “convention plus innovation”. Based on the conventional object-oriented development platform on the one hand, and the thriving big data and cloud platform technologies on the other hand, iSoftStone proposes the information management system solutions tailor-made for auto industry.


This solution comprises of nine systems below:

ERP (enterprise resource planning)

MES (manufacturing execution system)

LES (logistics execution system)

SRM (supplier relationship management)

DMS (dealer management system)

CRM (customer relationship management system)

FMS (financial management system) and HR (human resources management system)


Capability Advantages

ERP (enterprise resource planning): It's tailor-made for the manufacturers according to the characteristics of auto industry, thus greatly optimizing the performance and accuracy of the commonly used ERP systems.

DMS (dealer management system): It's applied to the stock-sell-storage management system provided to the dealers by automakers. It comprises of auto sales management, service department management, parts inventory management, customer relationship management, financial management, and data security management.

SCM (supply chain management system): It's able to reduce the business risk, improve the business performance, enhance the clarity of auto supply chain, cut down the working capital, improve the customer service quality, boost the productivity, solve the challenges in production line, realize the management of inventory, distribution and orders, and improve the storehouse management efficiency by optimizing the utilization of resources.

CRM (customer relationship management system): It's able to realize the customer data acquisition, system monitoring and management, seamless integration with agent management system, and administrative management and monitoring.

Customer Benefits

Customized auto solutions to help customers reduce the R&D cost of information system

By adopting the internationally advanced standard solutions, it's able to ensure that the customers could effectively and conveniently keep pace with the development of auto industry.

It continuously improves the service model, so as to provide customers with high-quality and efficient IT services.

It helps customers shorten the product sales cycle, thus reducing the inventory and logistics costs.

It helps customers achieve the real-time monitoring and information access to the enterprise supply chain, so as to guarantee the effective decision-making.

It helps customers better predict and analyze the global market dynamics, and adjust their business development strategies in a timely and effective manner.

Typical Customers

A well-known global engineering vehicle company

A well-known state-owned automobile group

A well-known global automobile company

Chinese joint venture of a global automobile company

Success Stories

(2011-present) IT department of a global engineering vehicle company-Development of dealer management system

(2011-2012) A global leading automaker-onStar system development

(2007-present) A well-known state-owned automobile group-ERP system development

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