Service solutions for auto industry

Service solutions for auto industry



Considering the increasing number and complexity of service demands in auto industry in recent years, iSoftStone has, by relying on its years of experience in service industry, its understanding of auto industry and its service practice catering to domestic and overseas enterprises relating to auto industry, developed a service chain of its own characteristics, so as to provide customers with timely, accurate and efficient services.


Based on iSoftStone's understanding of auto industry, relevant industry services include the components as follows:

Services for information management system;

Management consulting services for the auto industry, including the PMO and Rollout services;

Services for mobile internet of auto industry;

According to different service demands, iSoftStone strictly follows relevant service process, monitors the service results at each key node, and makes corrections continuously, thus ultimately satisfying the customers.


Capability Advantages

Years of service experience for the industry;

Years of experience in the development, testing, operation and maintenance for information system;

Experience in the implementation of numerous mobile internet projects;

iSoftStone offers consulting (PMO) services for IT project management projects inside the automakers, helps them efficiently utilize the resources and rationally allocate the project funds, and provide professional project management guidance for related ongoing projects.

iSoftStone provides the Rollout consulting services for automakers, so as to help the dealers of auto brands launch relevant information management systems.

Customer Benefits

iSoftStone provides customized service solutions for auto industry, so as to meet the diversified service demands of customers.

iSoftStone continuously improves the service model to provide customers with high-quality and efficient services.

iSoftStone helps customers achieve accurate market positioning and precise services.

iSoftStone helps customers better predict and analyze the global market dynamics, and adjust their business development strategies in a timely and effective manner.

Typical Customers

A well-known global engineering vehicle company

A well-known state-owned automobile group

A well-known global automobile company

Chinese joint venture of a global automobile company

Success Stories

(2007-present) A well-known state-owned automobile group-Development of information system

(2012-2015) IT department of a global automobile company-PMO & Rollout services

(2012-present) R&D Center at Chinese joint venture of a global automobile company-PMO services

(2015-present) A well-known state-owned automobile group-Development, operation and maintenance of CRM marketing APP platform

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