AI Large Model Project for a Well-Known Auto Insurance Company L-Chuang Insurance


Project Background:

The insurance industry holds a significant position in the financial market, providing individuals and businesses with risk protection and financial security. In the process of business expansion, a well-known auto insurance company generated a massive demand for business data and document management. Employees spent a considerable amount of time and effort dealing with these issues, highlighting the challenges of high costs and inefficiency.


Project Achievements:

Based on iSoftStone's digital solution for insurance and leveraging the industry semantic understanding and comprehensive data analysis capabilities of iSoftStone's auto insurance AI large model, the business system covers the entire process of auto insurance, including channel sales, underwriting, claims, receipt and payment, reinsurance, and customer service. This comprehensive approach facilitated the ecological development of products, personalized marketing, scenario-based services, and intelligent risk control. It successfully built a new auto insurance ecosystem, providing customers with more comprehensive and precise insurance services. The project also unified the enhancement of customer information completeness, seamless integration of purchasing, claims, and repair service experiences.