Financial Company Integrated Global Solution
  • Introduction

    With years of project implementation experience and professional knowledge in the financial company industry, iSoftStone has developed a comprehensive, scientific, and effective implementation methodology. The company provides rich business consulting and business system construction services to financial company clients, having served nearly a hundred well-known enterprises. The company provides customers with one-stop solution services, covering business consulting, IT planning, network construction, standard product implementation, customized system development, operation maintenance, and later-stage pan-financial business informationization.

  • Functional Characteristics

    New Architecture
    Based on an advanced SOA technology architecture, the system has low coupling, comprehensively supporting the expansion and innovation of financial company business;
    New Technology
    Leveraging advanced IAF platform, adopting key technologies like ESB, providing a sound underlying architecture for project construction.
    New Applications
    New applications such as "domestic + overseas", "local currency + foreign currency", "cash + bills", "group + financial company", and "PC + mobile" will bring clients new experiences and business expansions.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Completeness + Front-end Orientation: Service object+extension of business innovation;
    2. Usability: Expansion of application channels from a single channel to multi-channel services;
    3. Scalability: It reduces tight integration between core business system modules, achieving a pluggable system.

Consulting and Solutions