Core Competencies and Advantages
  • Industry Expertise

    With over a decade of experience in high-end manufacturing, its products and capabilities cover 90% of core industrial manufacturing areas.

  • Technological Leadership

    Its products and services represent the highest and most advanced level of Chinese manufacturing (specifically in automotive manufacturing).

  • Core Technologies

    Core algorithms for production scheduling, collaborative manufacturing strategies, and enterprise budget data analysis models.

  • Full-Stack Capabilities

    In the field of deep integration of informatization and industrialization, it possesses end-to-end capabilities, ranging from planning consultation, solution design, product development, product cloudification, to implementation and maintenance.

Typical Business Scenario Solutions
  • Digital Factory

    It achieves digitization of manufacturing resources, production processes, on-site operations, quality control, and more.

  • Digital Industrial Park

    Based on the industrial internet platform, it provides comprehensive services for digital parks, achieving the intellectualization of parks.

  • Dual Carbon

    It provides energy classification, carbon emission detection, dual carbon control, energy consumption dual carbon optimization, and carbon asset services, offering comprehensive solutions for energy efficiency.

  • Data Intelligence

    It builds an enterprise-level data service system based on the industrial big data platform, enabling data-driven operational management and decision-making.

  • Digital Twin

    It utilizes 3D data modeling technology to achieve a 1:1 mapping between physical and digital models, realizing visualization and modeling.

  • Production Manufacturing Execution

    It integrates core functions such as production processes, intelligent warehousing, smart scheduling, and data collection, assisting enterprises in upgrading to lean management.

  • Digital Industry Chain

    An online industry chain platform is established using a platform + cloud factory model to achieve a bulk commodity trading platform.

  • Supply Chain Control Tower

    It centralizes digital elements of research, production, supply, sales, and services in the upstream and downstream supply chain, and forms a unified digital brain for the supply chain.

  • Supply Chain Finance

    It utilizes receivables, electronic bonds, etc. to establish a financial big data risk control system to provide financial services to the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain.

  • Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT)

    Based on the AIOT IoT platform, the interconnection of devices and factories to the cloud is achieved, enabling remote operation and predictive maintenance of equipment.

  • Digital Marketing

    A digital marketing middle office is established based on relevant data such as production, management, operations, and customers, enabling precision marketing.

  • Intelligent Customer Service

    Using big data and artificial intelligence, automated services are established to achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and enhanced customer experience for enterprises.

Qualifications and Honors
  • Selected by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (2022) for Characteristic Industrial Internet Platforms for Key Industries, Excellent Solutions for Industrial Internet Apps, and National Industrial App and Information Consumption Competition

  • Selected by the China Academy of Industrial Internet for Outstanding Industrial Software Cases in the Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei Region in 2022

  • Recognized in the Industrial Internet World (2022) as one of the Top 100 Chinese Industrial Internet Companies in 2022

  • Included in the Science and Technology Service Team Second Batch List for "Innovation China" in 2022

  • Participated in the compilation of the Industrial Internet Park Guide (Version 2.0) by the CAICT & Alliance of Industrial Internet