Group Treasury Solution
  • Introduction

    This solution assists enterprises in building a fund management platform, monitoring enterprise fund movements in real-time, centrally managing various settlement businesses, coordinating internal funds, improving fund utilization efficiency, reducing financial costs and financing costs, and preventing risks in fund operations.

  • Functional Characteristics

    1. Treasury Management System is a more advanced fund management system suitable for super large groups. It includes centralized management of revenue and expenditure, liquidity management, bank management, and broader aspects such as fund strategic planning, revenue and expenditure planning, financial asset disposal, investment (when cash surplus), financing (minimizing costs when cash deficit), and risk management of interest rates and exchange rates. It also involves the management of relationships with banks and other financial institutions.
    2. Fund Management System is a unified management platform designed for small and medium-sized group enterprises. Through the platform, it unifies the management of overseas accounts, establishes a local and foreign currency fund pool, centrally allocates and utilizes funds, saves fund costs, and improves fund utilization efficiency.
    3. The Financial Cloud Platform can address numerous challenges in fund management for small and micro-enterprises, significantly reducing fund management costs, and enhancing fund management and risk control capabilities.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Increase Fund Utilization Rate
    Unified management of overseas accounts through the fund system platform, establishment of local and foreign currency fund pools, centralized allocation and utilization of funds, resulting in cost savings.
    2. Provide Basis for Management Decisions for Business Operations
    Enhance fund regulation capabilities, improve use efficiency, optimize group cash flow, and monitor and analyze through the system.
    3. Support Multi-level Branch Management Model
    Support the fund aggregation model at various levels of the group company, facilitating clearing operations between various branches.
    4. High Access Efficiency and Good Concurrency
    User-friendly software interface, simple operation, and support for multilingual internationalized page display.

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