Industrial Metaverse Solution
  • Introduction

    iSoftStone's IssMeta is a digital twin simulation and deduction platform built on the metaverse technology system. The platform is based on the industrial Internet of Things identification resolution system, optimized for industrial production lines and factory mechanism models comprehensive management. It provides a low-code tool with a full-process cloud-based 3D scene construction, all-element data fusion, scene effect design, and publishing capabilities. IssMeta empowers industrial digital twins and simulation deduction capabilities, serving as a PaaS platform that meets the requirements of information technology application innovation standards.

  • Functional Characteristics

    This platform, acting as the foundation for digital twin applications, features twin mechanism models, digitalization of real factory scenes, real-time simulation and deduction, and diverse functional modules.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Automatic Modeling: It incorporates four practical automatic modeling techniques for GIS large-scale terrain, automatic building, automatic roads, and programmable environments, covering major elements visible to the naked eye in urban areas;
    2. Built-in Twin Scenes: It includes built-in twin scenes covering urban, community, park, individual buildings, floors, interiors, and equipment. The twin scene construction maps transient changes in the real world, to some extent retracing history;
    3. Simulation and Deduction: It provides the presentation, verification, and execution unit templates of simulation results, along with a visual input function for part of the simulation parameters;
    4. Visual Display: It integrates twin resource libraries, custom materials, service components, model interfaces, and technical tools for the rapid construction of visual expressions of twin scenes.

Consulting and Solutions