Core Competencies and Advantages
  • It can provide comprehensive capabilities in infrastructure management, container management, DevOps, microservices governance, cloud native data services, etc..

  • It has formed a service system covering planning consultancy, application implementation, custom development, proactive operations, etc. A set of methodologies for enterprises to migrate to the cloud and deeply utilize cloud resources has been developed.

  • It has built end-to-end service implementation capabilities, including cloud consulting, cloud native development, data intelligence, IoT integration, cloud management, and cloud security.

  • It possesses a large number of experienced and professionally certified experts, offering high-quality services such as cloud native expertise, big data expertise, database expertise, AI expertise, etc.

  • It has also established the "iSSCloud Cloud Native Tool + MSP Professional Service" dual-engine approach.

Main Products and Solutions
  • iSSCloud Cloud Service Platform

    It builds and provides an integrated enterprise-level PaaS platform based on Kubernetes technology, seamlessly integrating with microservices and containers. It is designed to be compatible with different infrastructures, offering a one-stop solution for development and operation and maintenance, and various database and middleware management, as well as support for big data. This platform serves as the core support for the digital transformation of enterprise IT capabilities in development, testing, deployment, operation and maintenance, and management.

  • Cloud Container Platform

    A cloud native infrastructure platform based on containerized microservices, providing high-performance and scalable container application management services.

  • DevOps Application Delivery Platform

    Supported by Huawei's cloud native infrastructure, it offers end-to-end orchestration and an open toolchain integration. This platform provides a software engineering solution for large-scale, high-quality, and secure software delivery.

  • Multi-Cloud Management Platform

    Targeted at customers transitioning to the cloud, it provides unified management and operation and maintenance capabilities for multiple public and private clouds, enhancing management efficiency and resource utilization rate.

  • Multi-Database Management Platform

    It integrates natively with mainstream cloud platforms, supports various domestic chips, and accommodates various mainstream databases. It offers an enterprise-level solution for managing multiple databases.

Qualifications and Honors
  • Recognized by multiple professional organizations such as CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation), CAICT, and ITSS with advanced technical certifications

  • Huawei Cloud "Together for Success" Strategic Partner

  • Alibaba Strategic Partner

  • Tianyi Cloud Strategic Partner

  • AWS Advanced Strategic Partner

  • Evaluated as "Market Leader" in Forrester Wave's Q4 2022 Cloud Migration and Hosting Services Partner China Market Vendor Evaluation Report, and ranked first in terms of comprehensive score

  • Outstanding Contribution Award in the Huawei Cloud Ecosystem

  • Excellent Service Partner Award from Huawei Cloud

  • First Batch of Huawei Cloud CTSP Partners

  • Outstanding General Distributor of Huawei Cloud GrowCloud

  • 2022 Best Ecosystem Service Provider Award from Huawei Developer Alliance

  • Huawei Cloud Developer Navigator

  • 2022 Best Delivery Partner Award from Alibaba Cloud

  • 2022 Most Valuable MSP Service Partner Award from Tianyi Cloud

  • 2022 Most Valuable Channel Partner Award from Tianyi Cloud

  • JD Tech Excellent Strategic Partner Award and so on

  • CNCF (Cloud Native Computing Foundation) Gold Membership, Passed the KCSP Certification

  • iSoftStone's iSSCloud Multi-Cloud Management System has been included in the CNCF Cloud Native Panorama and has received an enhanced certificate for the "DevOps Capability Maturity Model" continuous delivery standard and the "Trusted Research and Development Operation Security Capability Maturity" from CAICT.

  • Leading Enterprise in Cloud Computing in China in 2022

  • TOP 100 SaaS Companies in 2022

  • Pioneer in Cloud Native Practices in 2021

  • Star Team in the DevOps Field in the Internet Industry in 2022