Non-Car Insurance Core Business System Solution
  • Introduction

    With years of deep cultivation in the insurance industry, iSoftStone, considering the trends in the insurance ecosystem and internal business needs of insurance customers, has developed a complete and intelligent business management platform for insurance lines such as auto insurance, non-car insurance, and life insurance.

  • Functional Characteristics

    This solution supports the complete underwriting process for non-car insurance, multi-scenario policy issuance, and covers all products. It caters to both online and offline business scenarios, supporting the complete claims process for non-car insurance. Different claims processes can be defined based on various scenarios and products, supporting fully automated, semi-automated, and manual processes with a clear claims view.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Enhanced Data Asset Management;
    2. Improved Data-Driven Capabilities;
    3. Optimized Business Processing Workflow; 4. Increased Business Efficiency.

Consulting and Solutions