AISE Products
  • Introduction

    AISE is a product developed by iSoftStone to enhance efficiency in the enterprise software engineering field using AI big models. The product currently focuses on core capabilities such as code autocompletion, code assistant tools, and document knowledge management.

  • Functional Characteristics

    It aims to improve the daily work efficiency of developers. The product base supports various market big models and includes independently developed features such as Prompt word library management, security policies, task policies, and private domain quantified data training. This significantly enhances the feedback accuracy and user-friendliness of AI big models during the development phase.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Multi-Engine Support: It supports multiple pluggable third-party big models;
    2. Seamless Integration: Seamlessly embedded in current mainstream IDE development environments;
    3. Security Measures: It controls prompts, sensitive words of return words, ethical boundaries, etc.;
    4. Comprehensive Support: It provides comprehensive support for code autocompletion, automatic test code generation, code optimization, code comments, and knowledge base retrieval;
    5. Private Domain Deployment: It allows private domain deployment and supports linking private domain vector libraries;
    6. Quantitative Evaluation: It provides a quantitative evaluation mechanism integrated with the DevOps efficiency engineering evaluation system.

Consulting and Solutions