Core Competencies and Advantages

Main Products and Solutions
Qualifications and Honors
  • Platinum Donor to the OpenAtom Foundation

  • CAICT Trustworthy Cloud, Cloud Management Service Capability Excellence Certification

  • CAICT Trustworthy Cloud, DevOps Level 3 Certification

  • One of the first Huawei OpenHarmony ecological enablers

  • Trustworthy Cloud Enterprise-level SaaS Service Evaluation Certification

  • ITSS Information Technology Service Standard (Operation and Maintenance) Level 1

  • Information System Integration and Service Qualification Level 2

  • Data Management Capability Maturity Robust Level (Level 3)

  • CCRC Information Security Integration Service Qualification Level 3

  • CS Information System Construction and Service Capability Outstanding Level (CS4)

  • CCID Information System Service Delivery Capability Level 1

  • CMMI Software Capability Maturity Model Integration Level 5

  • TMMI Testing Maturity Model Integration Level 3

  • Silver Donor to the OpenHarmony Project Group

  • Top 10 Contributor to the OpenAtom Foundation Code

  • Initiating and Member Unit of the Open Source Security Working Committee

  • Member Unit of the National Information Security Standardization Technical Committee Operating System Working Group

  • Vice Chairman Unit of the OpenHarmony Traffic Special Committee/Member Unit of the Government Special Committee/Education Special Committee/Finance Payment Special Committee

  • Member Unit of the OpenHarmony Ecology Committee/Outstanding Contribution Unit in Ecology/Ecological Practice Demonstration Unit/Ecological Innovation Demonstration Unit

  • One of the first Huawei OpenHarmony ecological enablers/One of the first MineHarmony ecological enablers/One of the first Smart Road Legion contracted service providers

  • Huawei HarmonyOS Connect Ecological Solution Partner/2022 Harmony Enablement Contribution Award

  • Loongson Eco-Partner Program Certified Enterprise