Digital Intelligence Supply Chain Solution
  • Introduction

    iSoftStone's Digital Intelligence Supply Chain Control Tower is a product designed for the integration of information in various business processes, including procurement, production, warehousing, logistics, inventory distribution, and order delivery. This product monitors, observes, analyzes, and assists in decision-making throughout the entire supply chain process to ensure the coordinated operation of business activities. Additionally, it serves as the command center for the entire supply chain, providing visualized management of global information and end-to-end control capabilities for the supply chain network. The control tower enables functions such as business monitoring, analysis, forecasting, simulation, and decision-making support (inventory, order fulfillment, etc.).

  • Functional Characteristics

    iSoftStone's Digital Intelligence Supply Chain Control Tower provides visual and manageable access to global information. Based on the aggregation of comprehensive business data, it offers real-time analysis and insights into issues within the supply chain network operation. Moreover, it efficiently assists enterprises in formulating supply and demand matching plans, enhancing collaboration with suppliers throughout the entire chain, improving inventory turnover efficiency, and elevating the ability to deliver on time, with quality and quantity.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Unified management: It integrates and connects various business system data;
    2. Real-time monitoring and global business information visualization management;
    3. Intelligent decision support: It utilizes machine learning (ML), simulation estimation, and intelligent algorithms to comprehensively drive business flows from planning and forecasting to root cause analysis and solution development;
    4. Internal and external collaborative closed loop: It forms an execution closed loop from planning deployment to event work orders based on visualized global links;
    5. Lightweight solution architecture: It focuses on the insight ability of control tower visualization and standardized collaborative workflows, decoupling the entire solution from related application systems and suites;
    6. Cost-effective: It adopts a system middle office business architecture with a configurable mode (low-code implementation), effectively reducing implementation costs;
    7. Flexible cloud deployment and private deployment capabilities.

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