"Cloud Middle Office - Chongming" Data Middle Office Solution
  • Introduction

    Cloud Middle Office - Chongming is a new infrastructure for enterprise digital intelligence. It goes beyond being a simple software system or standardized product, emphasizing resource integration, centralized configuration, and capability accumulation. It comprises a collection of data components and modules designed to enhance the efficiency of enterprise data governance, upgrade business processes and organizational structures, and empower precision operations and decision-making. This product, independently developed by iSoftStone, is based on a cloud native architecture, offering a lightweight, enterprise-level data middle office toolchain solution with characteristics such as full-scenario coverage, strong adaptability, and high flexibility.

  • Functional Characteristics

    iSoftStone's Cloud Middle Office - Chongming adopts a design approach that is lightweight, flexible, independently decoupled, and covers the entire data chain. Using a modular technical architecture, each product module in the platform is defined with a clear functional hierarchy and technical positioning. The various products in the solution support integrated delivery, allowing the construction of an end-to-end enterprise-level data middle office toolchain. Alternatively, based on customer needs, the solution can be deployed as independent products or integrated with other products through standard API interfaces, demonstrating robust adaptability to different scenarios.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Lightweight, full-scenario digital platform coverage;
    2. "Remain intact", seamless integration with current enterprise information systems;
    3. Close alignment with customer needs, flexible product component combinations, high cost-effectiveness and pricing advantages;
    4. Advanced technology, introduction of in-memory computing, stream computing, distributed CDC, etc.;
    5. Low product usage threshold, facilitating rapid deployment of digital application systems;
    6. A seasoned and professional PDT team with comprehensive capabilities in digital consulting design, development, implementation, and full-stack operations;
    7. Continuous agile iteration of the product ecosystem.

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