Class of Business
  • Information System Design and Development

    Providing full process end-to-end information system design and development services, including requirements analysis, system architecture design, program writing, and testing.

  • Product Engineering

    Offering one-stop services, from design to operation and promotion, with rich experience in hardware and software product development.

  • Testing

    Providing full-process testing services, from unit testing and integration testing to user acceptance testing, ensuring software quality meets customer requirements.

  • Operational Maintenance

    Offering comprehensive operational maintenance services, including 24/7 system operation monitoring, fault troubleshooting, and update maintenance.

Qualifications and Honors
  • DevOps Continuous Delivery Standard Level 3 Assessment

  • Selected as one of the Top Ten Cases of the Year in DCMM

  • "Robust Level (Level 3)" in the Data Management Capability Maturity Assessment Model (DCMM)

  • First batch of standardized enterprises in DCMM

  • Multiple awards from the China Software Industry Association, including "Leading Enterprise in the Industry Application Field", "Typical Demonstration Case in the Software Industry", and "Demonstration Base for Industry-Education Integration in Software Industry"