Service Scope
  • Banks

    Services include mobile banking, direct banking, WeChat banking, smart self-service at branches, precision marketing, big data, etc.;Serving 140+ large state-owned banks, joint-stock banks, and regional banks.

  • Insurance

    Services cover core insurance business systems, channel management systems, insurance intermediary management systems, data and regulatory systems, etc.;Serving 50+ insurance institutions, with coverage of 60% of large insurance companies.

  • Financial Companies

    We provide business consulting, IT planning, standard software products, information system development, and maintenance, etc.;Serving 110+ financial companies, covering 70% of the total.

  • Capital Markets

    Services include cloud migration, data governance, customized development, system operations and maintenance, etc.;Serving 400+ large financial institutions.

  • Internet finance

    The promoter of information construction and development of Internet finance innovation platform.iSoftStone is committed to the information construction and development of Internet plus "Inclusive Finance" innovation Internet platforms, helping to improve the government's information processing ability, risk control ability and big data analysis ability, so as to increase the efficiency of convenient financial services, and reduce labor costs.

  • Corporate finance

    Leading Manufacturer in Corporate Financial Service Endowed with a comprehensive corporate financial service capability, iSoftStone provides a wide array of global service solutions including business consulting, IT planning, network construction, standard software products and information system design, and subsequent operation and maintenance. Its team of thousands of professionals have served 300+ financial institutions. iSoftStone was awarded the title of "2017 Leadership Manufacturer in Corporate Finance" for its outstanding performance in this area.

Service Advantages
  • Service Advantages

    We provide customized exclusive services to clients in a "product + service" model, aligning with client needs to enhance service quality.

  • Comprehensive

    We offer 360° services from front-end business consulting, IT planning, network construction, standard software product implementation, and product customization development to post operations and maintenance.

  • Sustainability

    The company's scale and sufficient and stable workforce ensure long-term sustainable development for clients. Over 60% of revenue comes from existing clients, with 45% of customers served by the company for more than five years.

Honors and Qualifications
  • 2020-2021 Digital Transformation Outstanding Innovative Product (CCID Consulting)

  • 2020-2021 Digital Transformation Outstanding Case (CCID Consulting)

  • 2020 Outstanding Solution in the Chinese Software Industry (China Software Industry Association)

  • 2019 Outstanding Solution in the Chinese Software Industry (China Software Industry Association)

  • 2020 Top 10 Innovative Software Products (China Software Industry Association)

  • 2020 Innovative Software Product of the Year (China Software Industry Association)

  • 2018 China IT Service Innovation Service Award (First Place in Big Data and Artificial Intelligence) (Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and ITSS)

  • 2016 "Best Data Analysis Project Award" (iSoftStone and Industrial Bank jointly awarded) (The Asian Banker)

  • 2021 China FinTech TOP 50 (iResearch Consulting)

  • 2021 Top 50 Special Pioneer Enterprises in China's Financial Digitalization (CCID Consulting)

  • 2019-2021 Financial Technology Impact Brand (China Finance Summit Organizing Committee)

  • 2020-2021 Most Innovative SaaS Service Provider of (6th SaaS Application Conference)

  • 2020 Leading Enterprise in China's Digital Ecology Financial Digitalization Service (Business Partner)

  • 2020 Leading Enterprise in China Cloud Computing - Financial Industry Cloud Service (Business Partner)

  • 2019 Outstanding Contribution Award for China's Digital Economy and Software Services (China International Digital and Software Service Fair (CIDSF))

  • 2019 Outstanding Cloud Service Provider (BP Business Association)

  • 2018 Leading Enterprise in the Financial Industry (China Council for International Investment Promotion)

  • 2017 Enterprise Financial Leadership Vendor (China Computer Users Association)

  • CMMI5 Global Highest Level Certification

  • ITSS Level 1 Certification

  • TMMi Level 3 Certification