CloudVC Solution
  • Introduction

    HW CloudLink is the next generation high-definition video conferencing software terminal developed by iSoftStone, adopting a new visual system and a minimalist information architecture design. It provides easy scheduling, autonomous assembly, and convenient entry into meetings.

  • Features

    It is compatible with Huawei Intelligent Collaboration CloudVC Solution. Developed based on Huawei CloudLink Kit, it can realize a free selection of meeting room views with SVC technology. Its strong network adaptability delivers a clear and smooth meeting experience, making it an ideal choice for personal video conferences.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Intelligent bandwidth detection and robust audio-video loss-resistant algorithms ensure clear and smooth audio-video quality;
    2. Unique noise suppression technology can suppress common office noises to focus on the speaker. Anti-howling technology automatically turn on the mute mode when feedback is detected;
    3. It supports security meetings with TLS and SRTP protocols utilizing Chinese cryptographic algorithms SM2, SM3, SM4 for authentication encryption, ensuring encrypted transmission with no data leakage;
    4. High-quality audio-video experience in two-party or multi-party conferences;
    5. Seamless transition between audio and video calls in two-party or multi-party conferences;
    6. Query of enterprise contact information and peer-to-peer voice or video conferences.

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