USP Unified Service Platform Solution
  • Introduction

    The iSoftStone Unified Service Platform (USP) is a universal tool for low-code, data visualization application development. The platform includes 8 platform engines and over 55 service components.

  • Functional Characteristics

    The product can be applied to various scenarios, such as providing decision support tools for company management, obtaining real-time insights into various production and operational conditions of the company and its subsidiaries. It offers data support for weekly or monthly business and production meetings. Business personnel can access daily, weekly, and monthly reports directly through the system, conduct remote consultations and diagnostics at the grassroots level, receive inspections and visits, and have real-time access to first-hand information anytime, anywhere.

  • Product Advantages

    1. A unified system for information standards, data exchange, information operations and maintenance, and application development is established;
    2. Realize minute-level business requirement change response and support enterprise business intelligence through the advantage of informatization;
    3. A flexibly expandable overall planning with a focus on information to align with big data development trends;
    4. Starting from responding to business applications and analysis, it aims to unearth the value of data, enhancing its reuse value.

Consulting and Solutions