Scope of Services
  • Market and Sales Services

    Market operations, data operations, activity operations, content operations, and sales operations.

  • Operational Services

    Comprehensive member operation system, covering member system, member assets, member orders, member services, member benefits, and member behavior.

  • Marketing R&D Services

    Demand analysis of marketing touchpoints and tools, product design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance.

  • Digital Marketing Products

    User operations, private domain community traffic operations, platform products and operations.

Service Advantages
  • Global Coverage

    Key coverage in domestic cities: Shanghai, Guangzhou, Beijing; Early coverage in overseas cities: North America - Seattle.

  • Wide Range of Industries

    Electronic high-tech, dairy products, health care, eyewear, cosmetics, e-commerce/retail, sportswear, coffee and soft drinks, luxury goods.

  • Continuous Innovation

    Product design, development, testing, operation, and maintenance of marketing touchpoints and tools.

  • System Expertise

    Member operation services and a member operation platform, including a 6+6 member matrix.