Merak 2.0 MaaS Multi-Modal Large Model Operation Platform
  • Introduction

    iSoftStone's Merak 2.0 MaaS Multi-Modal Large Model Operation Platform is an enterprise-level intelligent assistant solution applicable to various fields, including enterprise customer service, recruitment, legal affairs, operations, design, engineering research and development, UML diagram drawing, and data analysis. It provides comprehensive and efficient support for various tasks.

  • Functional Characteristics

    The product is based on advanced machine learning, deep learning, and natural language processing technologies, offering top-notch model connectors. It implements the application of Merak AI Copilot and AI Digital Employee, assisting enterprises in accelerating the industrialization of large models and promoting systematic innovation in intelligent applications.

  • Product Advantages

    1. It provides a variety of selectable models and features, such as GPT3.5-16K, GPT4 Turbo, ERNIE Bot, Qwen, PanGu Large Model, iFLYTEK SPARK, and 360 Intelligent Brain, with Prompt word library and Prompt library management functionality;
    2. It offers comprehensive support for various aspects of personnel recruitment, including job matching, interview guidance, generating interview questions, resume evaluation, and intelligent interview recording;
    3. It allows the design and execution of various specific tasks, such as checking documents or submitting forms and sending messages;
    4. The AI Digital Employee introduces plugin configuration functionality, ensuring seamless integration with traditional business systems;
    5. It enables the creation of an AI knowledge base, allowing enterprises to provide targeted training on industry knowledge and professional skills for more accurate suggestions and solutions for Copilot.

Consulting and Solutions