Type of Services
  • Data Services

    Integrating AI intelligence with multi-scenario digital content services (images, text, audio, video, maps, etc.).

  • Digitized Marketing and User Experience

    Covering digitized marketing and gameplay design, digitized ecological planning consulting, App/Mini Program/official website experience redesign and upgrade, internal/middle office management system experience redesign and upgrade, and brand experience design.

  • Customer Service Business Services

    Providing comprehensive customer service business services through professional service capabilities, standardized service processes, and intelligent service platforms. This includes voice and online customer service, outbound management, work order management, comprehensive service management, etc.

  • Business Process Operation Services

    Covering customer interaction services, backend transaction processing, financial and accounting services, human resources services, knowledge services, etc.

Main Products and Solutions
  • Innovative User Experience Consulting Solution

    Offering a comprehensive user experience consulting service solution, including user experience design consulting, data analysis and mining, product development optimization, etc. The aim is to optimize user experience, enhance activity, and loyalty.

  • Beauty AR Experience Solution

    Providing virtual makeup services and interactive special effects experiences based on Augmented Reality (AR) technology, offering consumers more intelligent and personalized services.

  • Attractions Visitor Experience Solution

    Leveraging the digital innovation policies in the cultural and tourism industry and aligning with the development needs of the short video industry, the intelligent Vlog is applied in the cultural and tourism industry to disseminate iSoftStone's digital marketing capabilities for attractions.

  • Intelligent Review and Annotation Platform

    An intelligent solution for data annotation and review tasks that enables automated review and fast data annotation, making data processing more efficient and accurate.

  • Echo Intelligent Customer Service Platform

    Based on integrated channels and intelligent services, it helps enterprises achieve efficient communication, data-driven operations, and refined management, enhancing enterprise customer service efficiency and satisfaction.

  • HSSC Solution

    Based on the digital platform for human resources and administration services, it provides professional human resources and administration services, helping enterprises integrate human resources and administrative professional resources and achieve cost reduction, efficiency improvement, and quality enhancement.

  • Financial Shared Service Center (FSSC) Operating Solution

    Based on standardized management and intelligent technology, it achieves financial management standardization, financial process standardization, and financial operation digitization, helping enterprises improve financial management efficiency.

Qualifications and Honors
  • Feishu "Best General Service Delivery Partner" Award