Technical Foundation - Our L0 service is its robust foundation, supporting customers in accessing cutting-edge large model technology and providing customized open-source solutions. Complete AI training and inference are easily achieved on our integrated software and hardware platform.


Comprehensive Management - At the L1 level, we offer holistic management services for large models, covering everything from data processing to continuous training, tuning, deployment, and inference. In addition, our digital asset management solution enhances resource utilization and standardizes processes for greater efficiency.


Application Scenarios - At the L2 level, we focus on practical applications, ensuring intelligent application of large models perfectly match user needs, whether in standard Copilot deployments or personalized solutions in new fields.


Core Capabilities
  • Full Process Large Model Solution

    We build a powerful AI technology stack that covers the entire service chain from initial setup, data processing, retraining, model optimization, to final deployment and operation.

  • Customized Intelligent Applications

    Going beyond traditional AI services, we combine industry insights and customer needs, and carefully design and implement targeted intelligent solutions.

  • Robust Data Management and Security Framework

    We strengthen data compliance and security in AI applications, and provide systematic data management strategies, and robust security protection measures.

  • Industry Empowerment and Efficiency Improvement

    We leverage cutting-edge large model technology to drive industry transformation, achieve business process automation, and enhance work efficiency and decision quality.

  • Comprehensive User Support and Growth Plan

    Through professional talent training and technical guidance support, users' mastery and application of large model technology are accelerated.

  • Extensive Industry Penetration

    Leveraging advanced AI platform capabilities, we have provided professional services to various industries including finance, insurance, law, and marketing.

  • Efficient End-to-End Service Experience

    Through streamlined and integrated service processes, we ensure efficient execution from demand identification to solution deployment.

  • Flexibility and Personalization

    Grasping core customer needs, we provide both standardized and customizable AI solutions.

  • Deep Business Understanding and Technology Integration

    Combining business understanding and technical strength, we leverage dual advantages to drive technology application and business innovation.

  • Mature Operational Support and Ecosystem Building

    Relying on an integrated training and inference system and a professional team, we provide customers with long-term and comprehensive operational support and services.

Main Products and Solutions
  • Merak AI Copilot Digital Employee Platform

    An enterprise-level software solution based on artificial intelligence technology, featuring multi-model integration. It provides rich application scenarios, including iPSA Copilot, Recruitment Copilot, Law Copilot, Operation Copilot, Designer Copilot, UML Copilot, and Data Copilot.

  • AI Agent Digital Employee

    An AI-based digital employee designed specifically for executing various simple tasks, such as reviewing documents or submitting forms. To facilitate more effective interaction with users, the AI Agent's backend management system introduces a plugin configuration feature, enabling seamless integration with traditional business systems.

  • AI Knowledge Base

    We established a comprehensive AI knowledge base containing extensive industry knowledge and professional skills. By leveraging the AI knowledge base, Copilot can provide accurate suggestions and solutions, assisting users in making wiser decisions in business scenarios such as recruitment and code review.

  • Software Development Large Model AISE

    AISE AI Application Market is an intelligent assistant for developers, aiming to provide support for full-scenario, all-development languages, all-technology stacks, and all-tool entrances, helping developers more efficiently conduct software development.

  • EZ – Train Large Model One-Stop Fine-Tuning Platform

    Focusing on rapid vertical domain training, it can quickly provide model API services without requiring high thresholds for user training experience. It is an easy-to-use, no-code training platform.

Qualifications and Honors
  • iSoftStone's Merak AI Copilot received the First Prize in the 2023 Open AIGC Developer Competition