e-CNY Smart Contract Platform
  • Introduction

    In the e-CNY domain, iSoftStone Fintech is deeply involved in the construction of related scenarios. The company continues to increase its layout and investment in financial technology, exploring and innovating in the development and application of e-CNY payment scenarios. iSoftStone Fintech has signed contracts with multiple second-tier operating institutions and completed interface docking.

  • Functional Characteristics

    In terms of internal system construction for operational banks, iSoftStone Fintech provides technical support for software and hardware application upgrades, e-CNY service access, and cashier ecosystem transformation. Regarding external ecosystem expansion for operational banks, iSoftStone Fintech firmly grasps the trial expansion needs of bank customers nationwide. It offers solutions such as consumer red envelopes and intelligent contract application scenarios construction.

  • Product Advantages

    1. Establish ecosystem connection and strategic loop between banks, users, and merchants;
    2. Support the construction of the e-CNY ecosystem;
    3. Consistently explore, develop, and innovate in the application construction of e-CNY payment scenarios.

Consulting and Solutions