Consulting Project for Data Governance of a Certain Aircraft Engine Production Planning System


Project Background:

Aircraft engines, known as the "heart" of airplanes, are highly complex and precise thermomechanical devices, often referred to as the "flower of industry" and a crucial reflection of a country's technological and industrial strength. With significant changes in societal and industrial environments, there is a demand for an upgraded management model. After the completion and implementation of a digital transformation consulting project, an aircraft engine company in China undertook top-level architecture design, high-level scheme design, and detailed business scheme design for its planning system. Currently facing severe data quality issues in PDM, ERP, and MES, such as missing BOM basic data, inaccurate quantity standards, missing planning parameters, and unclear rules, the system's execution results are challenging to directly guide business operations. To address these issues, a specialized data governance solution was developed around the production planning business flow, ensuring the effective implementation of production plans.


Project Achievements:

Based on the data governance project, the integrated construction of business, data, and IT in the planning system is being carried out, driving the coordination of industry-related resources both upstream and downstream. This aims to achieve comprehensive visibility into plans, progress, quality, and risks, gradually realizing digital transformation.