Data Governance Project for a Leading Global Retail Food Service Company


Project Background: 

The client's supply chain master data was distributed across its own systems and those of its upstream and downstream partners, lacking unified systematic management, which hindered the improvement of supply chain efficiency. In order to address the current issues of distributed management and maintenance of master data, lack of enterprise-level unified view, and to promote business integration, and enhance information sharing and integration among various business applications, the unified master data management work has been initiated.


Solution and Results: 

Starting from the supply chain, the project covered all supply chain links from raw material procurement and quality management to store sales. It identified all master data categories and issues, unified the planning of the master data management system, defined master data standards, processes, management models, and organizational structures, built a master data management platform, standardized and cleaned master data, and improved the quality and management level of master data. The realization of preliminary analysis and subsequent governance of the customer master data environment has laid a solid foundation for lean management and digital transformation of customer supply chains.