Domestication Migration Project for a Corporate Treasury System


Project Background:

A client's enterprise was confronted with the impending cessation of services of CentOS, placing its treasury system in a situation where updates and maintenance were impossible, and posing a significant threat to system security.


Project Outcome:

 iSoftStone used the ISSEOS as the foundation, performed batch replacement and adaptation of middleware, and utilized professional migration tools to smoothly, stably, and securely migrate the corporate treasury system from CentOS to the domestically developed, independent, and controllable ISSEOS. The ISSEOS is built on the Linux Kernel 5.10, supporting various processors such as Kunpeng, Hygon, and FeiTeng. It is also compatible with tens of thousands of open-source software and thousands of domestic commercial software in the OpenEuler community, truly achieving a domestically developed autonomous and compatible ecosystem.