Core Competencies
We provide comprehensive software and integrated digital technology services based on research and development, digital marketing, clinical trials, new infrastructure, and ERP/CRM product domains.
Service Advantages
  • Cutting-edge Focus

    Leveraging its unique pharmaceutical consulting team and talent network, iSoftStone helps pharmaceutical companies undergo digital transformation using cognition, AI, cloud computing, etc. This enables them to construct forward-looking business blueprints and stay at the forefront of the industry.

  • Talent Services

    We offer on-site services throughout the entire process, from designing digital blueprints to project implementation, operation, and maintenance. iSoftStone aims to comprehensively understand the current state of clients' information systems and data business models, aspiring to assist clients in nurturing IT talent for mutual innovation and success.

  • Ecosystem Synergy

    We actively expand into the great health industry, and deeply develop in fields such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Empowering the great health industry with high technology, including concepts like Harmony, Huawei Euler, digital economy, blockchain, AI, digital twins, etc., we promote the ecological development and collaborative construction of the great health industry.

  • Clinical Trial Management System

    A comprehensive system managing various stages of clinical trials, facilitating real-time control of project progress. It ensures full lifecycle management of personnel and data during the project. The system can be integrated with external systems, saving management time and ensuring data accuracy. The flexible module configuration can adapt to different personalized requirements of enterprises.

  • Pharmaceutical Marketing Rebate System

    A digital marketing management platform is established to standardize business processes and details such as channel partner recruitment and operations. It builds a nationally unified and standardized management tool for channels, enabling timely and effective recording and management of sales activities.