Harmony Transformation of Various Equipment at Ulan Moron Coal Mine



Project Background:

The current intelligent construction of coal mines in China faces various challenges, including the need for intelligent and unmanned coal mining, efficient continuous auxiliary transportation systems, and the remote and ground control of electromechanical equipment, which have become a key aspect of the intelligent construction and industrial transformation of the coal mining industry. SWANLINK supported Ulan Moron Coal Mine in applying and integrating the MineHarmony operating system to accelerate the intelligent level of mining.


Project Outcome:

SWANLINK successfully implemented the Harmony transformation of various equipment at Ulan Moron Coal Mine. This initiative helped the enterprise improve mining efficiency, reduce manual operations, and ensure production safety, empowering smart construction and production efficiency acceleration for coal mines. SWANLINK launched the Sail "Competition" development board, equipped with the RK3568 quad-core 64-bit CPU from Rockchip and the OpenHarmony system, with a maximum main frequency of 2.0GHz. It supports stable and smooth operation of terminal devices in working environments ranging from -10°C to 60°C. It can be applied in environments with high dust and high temperatures, such as comprehensive mechanized coal mining.