New Energy Intelligent Control Center Project for a Large Building Materials Group


Project Background:

With the rapid and robust growth of the new energy industry within a large building materials group, there was an urgent need to establish a centralized control system for new energy. The objective was to achieve visibility, controllability, and manageability of various plant stations in the new energy industry, enhancing the client's digital, intelligent, and refined management of the new energy industry.


Project Outcomes:

It provided an integrated control system for the client's New Energy Smart Control Center accessible through large-screen terminals, PC computers, mobile app terminals, and more.This included features such as smart operation dashboards, video monitoring, intelligent alarms and warnings, smart production operation and maintenance, asset management, equipment management, and various other functional modules. It can serve the diverse usage needs of different business users and empower the fine management of group-type energy enterprises.

The project has connected to the client group's new energy company, overseeing more than 70 stations in over 18 provinces across the country. The total installed capacity reaches 520,000 kilowatts, with over 130,000 real-time data points, a data write frequency of seconds, and an accumulated data volume exceeding 4.5 billion entries. Future plans include expanding the total installed capacity to over 10 million kilowatts and integrating hundreds of photovoltaic, wind power, and energy storage stations.