Nine Major Data Solutions
  • Master Data Management Consulting and Implementation

    Combining industry-leading concepts, successful cases, and customer business status, we conduct top-level planning and design for master data management, establish a master data management system, and build a master data management platform to achieve initial governance of enterprise master data environments.

  • Data Governance Consulting and Implementation

    Using data architecture, master data, metadata, and data quality and security management as entry points, supported by enterprise data strategies, organization and talent, processes, and policies, we achieve efficient data control to help enterprises maximize the value of their data.

  • Enterprise Digital Transformation/Enterprise Architecture Planning

    We design business and IT architectures that fit the current state of the enterprise and meet future business development needs, break down barriers from strategy to project implementation, business to IT, and build the enterprise's own integrated architecture environment capability to ensure continuous, rapid response to business needs.

  • Data Capability Planning

    We help enterprises plan the entire chain of data capabilities from data perception and production to data application, define data capabilities in layers, and specify corresponding construction paths and priorities to create a resilient and agile "data supply chain".

  • Data Platform Consulting and Implementation

    We help clients build enterprise-level "data foundations" to achieve end-to-end data platform management processes from data collection and integration, storage and computing, analysis and mining, to visualization, making data a core driver for business development and product iteration.

  • Data Insights and Advanced Applications

    We build advanced data application solutions for different business themes: (1) Enterprise credit risk management; (2) Customer Data Platform (CDP) planning and implementation; (3) Enterprise contract management.

  • Data and Application Integration

    By establishing unified integration standards and platforms, smooth data flow is achieved to improve operational efficiency. We enable enterprise systems to achieve interconnection and interoperability, responding quickly to integration needs, reducing integration complexity, and optimizing integration costs.

  • Cloud Transformation/Cloud Migration Planning and Implementation

    We help enterprises establish public cloud management standards and specifications, provide secure, stable, and compliant basic environments for application system deployment, enable enterprises to achieve cloud transformation and migration with minimal downtime and costs, and eliminate hardware costs and shorten development time.

  • Data Security Planning and Implementation

    Building a data security system and capabilities around the data lifecycle, we make the data permissions of the enterprise clearer, responsibilities more defined, and reduce the implicit risks of significant economic losses and legal risks caused by data leakage.

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