Official Landing and Commercial Use of Harmony-based In-Vehicle Intelligent Terminals in Wuxi


Project Background:

Wuxi is taking the lead in promoting the construction of the "Open Source City", focusing on landing OpenHarmony-related applications across various industries and scenarios. A customer in Wuxi, driven by the need for driver and road safety monitoring and alerts, aimed to implement the OpenHarmony application for in-vehicle intelligent terminals. SWANLINK, utilizing its self-developed facial recognition solution based on OpenHarmony, successfully completed the landing and commercial use of the Harmony-based in-vehicle intelligent terminals in Wuxi.


Project Outcome:

SWANLINK introduced a facial recognition solution based on OpenHarmony. This solution, incorporating risk control algorithms and video analysis technologies, can be widely applied in scenarios such as subways, airports, buses, and community security. The Harmony-based in-vehicle intelligent terminal, spearheaded by SWANLINK, combines facial recognition technology with devices such as active security hosts, Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS), Driver Status Monitoring (DSM), in-vehicle aisle monitoring, and driver's cabin monitoring. It effectively monitors and alerts against unsafe behaviors such as driver fatigue, prolonged inattentiveness, and handheld phone use, facilitating management personnel in curbing safety hazards. Currently, this Harmony-based in-vehicle intelligent terminal is landing and in commercial use in Wuxi.