Power Production and Operation Control System for a Comprehensive Large Power Group


Project Background:

The Power Production and Operation Control System is a core component of the information control system of a comprehensive large power group. The client aimed to enhance the overall depth of application based on the existing achievements in the data center. The goal was to shift from post-event management to synchronous monitoring, provide early warning and real-time alerting for potential risks, and achieve deeper and broader management by the group to power plants, transitioning from crude indicator result management to real-time tracking of the indicator data source of the corresponding power plant.


Project Outcomes:

It achieved precise digital mapping of the physical plant area and comprehensive reproduction of equipment production elements.

Real-time data was integrated from 16 thermal power plants, 32 wind farms, 2 hydropower plants, and 1 coal mining unit, with a daily collection volume of approximately 300,000 data points.

The project emphasized safety production and environmental protection, enabling real-time monitoring, exceeding standard warnings, remote collaborative optimization, and auxiliary diagnostics of safety production.

Focused on creating substantial returns, it enabled timely control of production and operational conditions, optimized asset efficiency factors, and controlled production and operational costs.

Prioritized safety production, the project enhanced capabilities for safety production risk prevention and prediction, emergency response planning and coordination, and dynamic video monitoring of hazard points.