Saky Parent Company WeiMeiZi Information Security and Compliance Project


Project Background:

In response to domestic and international information security policy requirements, advanced industry practices, the business development needs of WeiMeiZi, and trends in information security, targeted training on security knowledge and awareness was conducted for decision-makers and frontline employees to ensure the practical implementation of information security.


Project Achievements:

From security blueprint planning to the implementation of security projects, iSoftStone Consulting provides end-to-end security consulting services, including data security protection, information asset protection, software security development, protection of trade secrets, and intellectual property protection. This comprehensive approach has provided robust security support for the client, contributing to safeguarding enterprises. iSoftStone Consulting has successfully provided information security consulting services for nearly a hundred well-known enterprises in various industries, including technology, OEM, finance, and freight, both domestically and internationally.