Yong'an Property Insurance Company Project


Project Background:

We address the client's request to enhance the data-driven transformation capability of the insurance ecosystem. The project involved constructing 6 centers, 5 services, and 2 platforms, achieving cloud transformation across the entire business chain from internal operations to external sales, to realize the goal of "Online Yong'an, Smart Yong'an".


Project Outcomes:

Capacity Expansion Improvement: Elastic scaling with the ability for one write to multiple reads is achieved, enabling TB-level data to expand within minutes.

Performance Enhancement: The concurrency efficiency is increased by 7 times, maintaining ultra-high performance in high-concurrency scenarios with massive data access.

Security and Reliability Enhancement: A disaster recovery system has been built on the Information Innovation Cloud, forming a highly reliable architecture with two locations and three centers. Data fault recovery capability improved from hour level to second level, perfectly meeting regulatory requirements.